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Another day of research

The sun spilled out over the voe as we drove along the banks this morning. It was so radiant that we had to stop and take a photo… this in spite of the fact that our car was running on fumes and I wasn’t completely sure we would make it to Ollaberry for a fill up! But, we took the photo, and made it to the Ollaberry Shop, and drove the hour south to Lerwick.

A book open on the table in an archives.

Today was an archives day. Research is my happy place, and I skipped through boat records, court summons, and rent books from the 1700s. Randy ensconced himself in a comfy chair, read a book, and watched the cruise ship passengers wander through the museum. He’s one in a million!  I took a photo of some of the artwork in the archives - one a statement on the close relationship crofters had with their boats and the sea; the other a statement on the injustices perpetrated by the lairds on the crofters, evicting them to bring in sheep.

The beginning of Wool Week is ever closer, with new exhibits and colourful knitwear cropping up everywhere. We had tea at Rita’s and a lively visit, filled with laughter. The weather was clear on the drive home, unlike last night where I had to steer through fog, slowly, keeping an eye on the white lines, and seeing just a few feet in front of me.

Back in North Roe - home again!


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